disable import for now
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2010-12-08 Petr Skodadisable import for now
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaconversion to 2.0
2010-12-08 Petr Skodamore upgrades
2010-12-08 Petr Skodaremoving cvs tags and closing php tags
2010-08-01 Petr Skodacvsimport
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 oops, merging all changes from 1.9.x first
2010-08-01 Petr SkodaCONTRIB-2232 preparations for git migration
2008-08-13 Petr Skodabook v1.5beta compatible with 1.9.1 or later, not 2...