Fixed firstname lastname to call to fullname function
[moodle.git] / enrol /
2004-09-29 mjollnir_fixed bad newlines and changed firstname lastname to...
2004-09-25 moodlerMerged change to restore $CFG->prefix from stable
2004-09-23 moodlerMerged improved database plugin for enrolment
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusfixed capitalization and quoting of attribute values
2004-09-09 moodlerMerged enrolment fixes frm stable
2004-09-08 mchurchMaking file XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant...
2004-09-03 moodleriMerged from stable
2004-08-23 moodlerMissing prefix
2004-08-23 moodlerRemoved a debugging line
2004-08-23 moodlerFixed a typo
2004-08-21 gustav_deliussmall bug in teacher link due to undefined $site
2004-08-21 moodlerHere finally is an admin interface for controlling...
2004-08-19 moodlerTo help hackers who already have the table
2004-08-19 moodlerVersion info for Paypal module
2004-08-19 moodlerAdded database controls for Paypal module
2004-08-14 moodlerOld code, never checked in ... not really tested
2004-07-29 moodlerVarious fixes, especially related to using timestart...
2004-07-25 moodlerSome stubs for later
2004-07-10 moodlerPrint Costs better on the course info
2004-07-06 moodlerFixes not checked in yet
2004-06-26 moodlerBug fixes
2004-06-26 moodlerSOme tweaks to mail
2004-06-26 moodlerRemoved test data
2004-06-26 moodlerOK, Paypal is now working. I've been buying access...
2004-06-26 moodlerNew paypal plugin ... not quite working yet, but very...
2004-06-25 moodlerChanged some logic ... I think it's the same anyway...
2004-06-25 moodlerEnrolment architecture version 0.5 !