"MDL-14129,fix print_error"
[moodle.git] / error /
2008-06-09 skodakMDL-15189 magic quotes finally removed
2008-05-07 dongsheng"MDL-14129, fix print_error calls"
2008-04-04 dongshengMDL-14129, remove all the other error() call
2008-02-01 moodlerMerged better error page from stable 19
2007-01-04 skodakMDL-8062 1.3 Remove name attribute from <form> and...
2006-05-15 skodakfix my previous incorrect short tag fix, fixed register...
2006-05-15 skodakfixed short php tags; merged from MOODLE_16_STABLE
2006-04-21 moodlerFix Bug #1604 - the error/index.php can't be translate
2005-11-01 moodlerMerged from stable
2005-10-31 skodakfixed warnings and param cleaning, prevention of mailin...
2004-09-24 dhawesConverted double quote strings to single quote literals...
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusfixed capitalization and quoting of attribute values
2003-09-11 moodlerShort tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short PHP tags
2002-09-26 martinFirst implementation of new authentication system,...
2002-09-17 martinSlight fix to error page to include site name properly
2002-06-05 martinFixes to convert mail to individual mailing ...
2002-05-31 martinRemoved log and fixed email call
2001-11-22 martinInitial revision