Merge branch 'w04_MDL-25855_20_filerequire' of git://
[moodle.git] / files / filebrowser_ajax.php
2010-09-21 Petr SkodaMDL-24321 switching to standard stdClass()
2010-09-13 Dongsheng CaiMDL-23308, added mimetype icons to course files tree
2010-08-17 Dongsheng Cai"MDL-23797, added set_context"
2010-08-10 Petr SkodaMDL-23739 improved ajax headers - now using application...
2010-07-07 Dongsheng CaiMDL-22982, fixed file browser renderer component
2010-07-07 Petr Skodafixed incorrect get context call
2010-07-03 Petr SkodaMDL-22950 adding new component column to the files...