Fixed firstname lastname to call to fullname function
[moodle.git] / files / mimetypes.php
2004-06-09 moodlerAdded PPS (Powerpoint)
2004-05-29 moodlerPostscript files show pdf icn
2004-05-24 defacerThe way this was written before, it produced a warning...
2004-04-25 moodlerAdded gz
2004-02-23 moodlerAdded .3gp type
2004-02-08 moodlerAdd a mimetype for .asf files
2004-01-20 moodlerSupport for auto embedding of WMV files
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some short PHP tags
2003-08-20 moodlerChanged from DOS to Unix format
2003-08-16 moodlerMany more mime types added - thanks to D Hawes
2003-05-07 moodlerAdded .jpe as a JPEG (some people do it I notice! ...
2003-05-07 moodlerDon't treat Flash files (.swf) like other images.
2003-04-20 paca70Added mimetype and icon for avi-files.
2003-01-08 moodlerSome small robustness things, and a new style for quiz...
2002-12-07 moodlerAdded php mime type
2002-08-28 martinAdded powerpoint
2002-05-19 martinMoved the array into the function.
2001-11-22 martinInitial revision