MDL-25276 dml - fix/implement sql_cast2int/real() across the 5 drivers. Tests passing.
[moodle.git] / files / module.js
2010-09-17 Petr Skodafixed unterminated JS statement
2010-09-13 Dongsheng CaiMDL-23308, fixed course files tree file download link
2010-09-13 Dongsheng CaiMDL-23308, added mimetype icons to course files tree
2010-07-09 Dongsheng CaiMDL-23155, file tree error in ie
2010-07-07 Dongsheng CaiMDL-22982, fixed file browser renderer component
2010-07-03 Petr SkodaMDL-22950 adding new component column to the files...
2010-06-17 Dongsheng CaiMDL-22805, remove debug code
2010-06-16 Dongsheng CaiMDL-22805, new renderer component moodle_file_tree_view...