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2004-12-14 skodaknew handling of uploaded files, please TEST, TEST,...
2004-11-11 moodlerMerged from stable
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-09-12 gustav_deliustowards XHTML compliance
2004-08-08 moodlerImprovement to filters, providing speed boost AND bette...
2004-06-08 fiedorowBug fix for Windows systems
2004-04-26 fiedorowCommented out debugging code
2004-04-05 fiedorowCompatibility update for new mimetex version
2004-03-30 fiedorowBug fix for incorrect handling of negatives in equation...
2004-03-28 fiedorowreplaced js alert by popup
2004-03-27 fiedorowExpression image now links to TeX source or debug script
2004-02-29 fiedorowRemove nolink tags in glossaries
2004-02-26 fiedorowBug fix: is_executable not available in Windows PHP 4.x
2004-02-24 moodlerChanged the logic around so that any binary called...
2004-02-23 fiedorowDisplays file permissions for mimetex and uses md5_file...
2004-02-21 fiedorowFix for case when $CFG->dirroot contains spaces, especi...
2004-02-21 fiedorowBetter way to eliminate superfluous parentheses in...
2004-02-20 fiedorowYip's additions for Greek letters and bug fixes
2004-02-20 moodlerAdd some feedback and instructions for other platforms
2004-02-20 moodlerAdded default platform
2004-02-20 fiedorowImproved debugging of mimetex
2004-02-19 fiedorowNow strips outermost parentheses in denominators
2004-02-19 fiedorowAdded debugger for algebra filter
2004-02-17 fiedorowSupport for absolute value added
2004-02-17 moodlerRemoved tex binaries and renamed main filter file
2004-02-17 fiedorowWorking version of algebra filter for Unix and Windows