MDL-11561 admin tree improvements and bugfixing
[moodle.git] / filter / censor /
2007-12-19 skodakMDL-11561 admin tree improvements and bugfixing
2007-11-13 poltawskiAdding a comment pointing to MDL-3964 which explains...
2007-04-20 nicolasconnaultFixed many xhtml errors
2007-01-13 stronk7Now all the filters global config pages are valid XML...
2006-02-06 thepurpleblobAdded ability to reset to default. Bug #4123
2005-08-26 thepurpleblobIf no custom list is specified, the default list from...
2005-07-30 moodlerMerged from stable
2005-07-26 thepurpleblobAdded configuration screen for bad words list.
2005-07-26 thepurpleblobProvide setup screen for the censor bad words list...
2005-06-22 stronk7Changed to use the new replacementphrase attribute so
2005-05-08 moodlerMoved badwords list to censor.php file (bug 3164)
2005-03-26 ikawheroJust so we can put spaces in the bad words string.
2005-03-05 moodlerModern version :-)
2005-03-05 moodlerUse a customised style for censored words
2005-03-05 moodlerImproved censor
2004-08-08 moodlerImprovement to filters, providing speed boost AND bette...
2004-02-17 moodlerChanged the name of all filters to be consistent.
2003-10-16 moodlerAdd a simple README
2003-10-16 moodlerA very simple filter to censor "bad" words.