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2004-10-19 moodlerSome XHTML changes
2004-09-12 gustav_deliustowards XHTML compliance
2004-08-08 moodlerImprovement to filters, providing speed boost AND bette...
2004-08-02 moodlerAdded support for .mpg .mpeg and .avi files.
2004-06-06 moodlerMerged bug fix from MOODLE_13_STABLE
2004-04-18 moodlerAdded Flash and some cleanups in display
2004-04-18 moodlerBetter if autostart is off for the filter
2004-04-17 moodlerQUicktime should use "aspect" for best results on diffe...
2004-04-17 moodlerFound the scale paramter for Quicktime
2004-04-17 moodlerAdded support for Quicktime and Media PLayer plugins
2004-03-23 moodlerTinkered with this a bit to improve brightness of Play...
2004-02-22 moodlerMore robustness when dealing with links that may have...
2004-02-18 moodlerFIxed a silly typo!
2004-02-17 moodlerA tiny MP# player. :-)
2004-02-17 moodlerChanged the name of all filters to be consistent.
2004-02-17 moodlerMore fixes
2004-02-17 moodlerSome fixes for multiple links
2004-02-17 moodlerCool thing for the morning - a new filter that will...