MDL-30070 message: Optimised search for users over multiple courses
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2012-05-20 Eloy Lafuente (str... Subtree merged git://
2009-11-01 Petr SkodaMDL-20700 coding style cleanup - cvs keywords removed...
2006-12-12 skodakMDL-7887 Multilang upgrade to new tags in Moodle 1.8
2006-08-14 skodakBug #6245 - rewritten multilang filter
2005-11-16 stronk7Some typos solved. :-|
2005-11-16 stronk7Updated a bit to explain how the multilang filter works.
2004-11-07 stronk7New release of the multilang filter:
2004-01-20 moodlerWorking code by Gaëtan Frenoy to allow texts to contain...