Merged changes from stable
[moodle.git] / grade / report / user /
2007-07-11 toyomoyomoving some functions out to lib so they can be used...
2007-07-05 skodaktrailing whitespace cleanup again
2007-07-02 toyomoyofixing an error when no grade item is listed for this...
2007-06-28 skodakMDL-10224 some more improvements in grader report relat...
2007-06-28 skodakMDL-10224 total course grade implemented + lots of...
2007-06-28 toyomoyosome fixes to user report
2007-06-27 toyomoyogradebook user report fix for total grade
2007-06-26 moodlerFixed some notices when there are no activities
2007-06-26 toyomoyosome fixes for grader report
2007-06-25 nicolasconnaultMDL-10210 MDL-10207 Tabs implemented.
2007-06-22 nicolasconnaultMDL-10207 Tabs added to category admin page and grader...
2007-06-22 toyomoyofixed a warning
2007-06-20 skodakMDL-10202 merge raw and final grade tables
2007-06-19 toyomoyoextraction of gradeitems to use grade_tree for handling...
2007-06-18 toyomoyoflexitable for user report
2007-06-18 moodlerWhoops, checked in wrong file before
2007-06-18 moodlerFirst pass at grader report capabilities
2007-06-15 toyomoyouser grade report development code
2007-06-15 moodlerSOme dummy report pages
2007-04-23 moodlerSome dummy files to define the grade reports structure