MDL-19874 updated geoip to 1.80 and fixed iplookup regressions
[moodle.git] / iplookup / index.php
2009-07-19 skodakMDL-19874 updated geoip to 1.80 and fixed iplookup...
2008-05-31 skodakMDL-14679
2008-05-14 dongsheng"MDL-14129, fix netgeo print_error"
2008-04-04 dongshengMDL-14129, remove all the other error() call
2008-01-02 skodakMDL-12796 iplookup rewrite
2006-10-02 moodlerChange default (old change not checked in)
2005-07-18 moodlerAdded new structure for iplookups (ie called from logs).