removed $SESSION->encoding now replaced by current_charset() and $CFG->unicodedb...
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2006-03-09 martinlanghoff[multienrol]Initial commit for multi enrolment plugin...
2006-02-06 moodlerRemoving all the language packs from HEAD!! 8-D
2006-01-30 thepurpleblobFixed typo.
2006-01-16 mjollnir_Contextual help for participants list 'with selected...
2006-01-16 mjollnir_Introducing: managed posted forums. Optional ability...
2006-01-16 mjollnir_New forum type: question and answer: requires students...
2006-01-16 martinlanghoffadmin/uploaduser fixes and enhancements
2006-01-12 bobopinnaAdded missing helps
2005-12-14 koenrminor beauty pollish
2005-11-28 mjollnir_New report - course participation. Integrated with...
2005-11-25 gbatesonreplaced <DL> with <DIV class="indent"> and removed...
2005-11-10 patricksleeNew feature: Embargoed Announcements
2005-11-10 patricksleeFixed a misspelling in help index (Merged from MOODLE_1...
2005-11-10 patricksleeAdded contextual help for meta course (Merged from...
2005-11-10 patricksleeConverted forum help index file to linux line breaks...
2005-11-09 gbatesonnew help file explaining "clickreport" setting (added...
2005-11-08 moodlerNew help file to cover new additions to uploadusers...
2005-11-07 michaelpennenew help file for activity link setting
2005-11-03 moodlerMerged new assignment grading interface fixes from...
2005-11-02 michaelpenneNew help file for lesson dependency.
2005-11-02 michaelpenneAdded content to the help file.
2005-10-30 koenrsmall letters for XHTML
2005-10-28 michaelpennenew help file for media setting in lesson
2005-10-25 bobopinnaUpdated with the new module name
2005-10-24 michaelpenneupdated displayleft.html and adding a new help file
2005-10-24 koenrsome tweaking
2005-10-24 koenrbunch of typo's
2005-10-24 koenrfixed xhtml
2005-10-24 koenrfixed XHTML-compliance
2005-10-23 koenrAnother typo. I notice the html is not valid due to...
2005-10-23 koenrtypo
2005-10-12 michaelpenneNew help file for Importing PowerPoint Files
2005-10-06 koenrbug 3920
2005-10-04 patricksleeNew feature: Course enrollable control with date range
2005-10-02 patricksleeNew feature: Notify teachers/students of expirying...
2005-09-22 gbatesonadded explanation of the new "Single Student" report...
2005-09-19 stronk7Added some strings for the new IMS CP resource type.
2005-09-17 gustav_deliusMerged from STABLE
2005-09-16 gbatesonsome changes to hellp files for HotPot v2.1
2005-08-30 thepurpleblobFixed a few spelling mistakes, and explained the censor...
2005-08-23 thepurpleblobAdded descriptions of some more of the filters.
2005-08-23 thepurpleblobA start on some help for the filters admin page
2005-07-22 gustav_deliusNew report plug-in contributed by Jean-Michel, see...
2005-07-06 thepurpleblobSome help files incorrectly linked as some completely...
2005-06-27 bobopinnaMarged the two separated help file in a single size...
2005-06-12 koenrmissed an XHTML-error
2005-06-12 koenrfixing HTML and XHTML error
2005-06-12 gustav_deliusmerged from stable
2005-06-06 ikawheroFixed a few minor typos.
2005-06-05 koenrCan someone who can speak English properly get the...
2005-06-05 koenrtechnicaly ok - not tested yet in the interface
2005-06-05 koenrthis one is ok now. Translate!
2005-06-05 stronk7Missing helpfiles from contrib. Renamed as needed.
2005-06-05 thepurpleblobmerged changes from STABLE
2005-06-05 thepurpleblobMerged changes from STABLE
2005-05-24 thepurpleblobMerged changes from STABLE
2005-05-17 gustav_deliuslanguage strings and help files moved here from mod...
2005-05-16 koenrXHTML-compliance
2005-05-16 thepurpleblobAdded instructions for specifying text format in GIFT.
2005-05-16 thepurpleblobAdded support for Examview import
2005-05-09 bobopinnafirst release
2005-05-08 koenrfixing xhtml compliance
2005-05-08 koenrfinal pollish
2005-05-08 koenrfixed indent
2005-05-08 koenrfixed links - strange no one noticed this earlier
2005-05-07 koenrxhtml compliance & -> &amp;
2005-05-06 gustav_deliusFixed typo in the example in the cloze question help...
2005-05-05 moodlerNew help file for admin when editing user profiles
2005-05-04 gbatesonchanged "module=hotpotatoes" to "module=hotpot" in...
2005-05-04 gbatesonchanged "module=hotpotatoes" to "module=hotpot" in...
2005-05-04 moodlerNew help file about course costs
2005-05-03 michaelpenneadded a not about highscores and practice lessons
2005-05-03 thepurpleblobAdded note that QTI export is version 2.0
2005-05-02 moodlerRemoving PHP and styles etc (mediaplayers.html has...
2005-04-27 koenrXHTML compliance: don't embed a li in a p
2005-04-27 koenrno styles in help files
2005-04-27 koenrmissed two P
2005-04-27 koenrXHTML compliance: lowercase tags preferred
2005-04-26 mchurchAdded help for per forum tracking options.
2005-04-26 thepurpleblobUpdated qti export help to note that output is zipped.
2005-04-26 thepurpleblobThe custom format doesn't actually exist, so removing...
2005-04-26 thepurpleblobThe custom.php file refered to in the text doesn't...
2005-04-25 moodlerHotpot strings and help
2005-04-22 gustav_deliusbetter alignment of table cells
2005-04-20 thepurpleblobAdded help for xhtml export format.
2005-04-18 koenrXHTML compliance... where do they keep coming from??
2005-04-18 moodlerRemoved help files
2005-04-18 moodlerUpdated documentation
2005-04-15 moodlerI'm fussy .... ;-)
2005-04-13 danmarsdennew limit feature in choice.
2005-04-13 danmarsdenThere isn't a limit of 6 choice's anymore.
2005-04-11 koenrremoving wiki-like reference
2005-04-11 thepurpleblobWiki-like text format documentation removed.
2005-03-27 koenrreplaced & with &amp; in links from index.html
2005-03-27 moodlerRemoved extra tag
2005-03-27 moodlerSome tidy ups of XHTML
2005-03-10 michaelpenneadded content to these
2005-03-08 moodlerKeywords: What are them? lol (sorry Williams :-)
2005-03-08 moodlerNew version of the help file to correct a big mis-conce...