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2008-09-09 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-09 moodlerUpdated a config string to make it more explanatory
2008-09-08 skodakMDL-16394 user profile browsing and serving improvements
2008-09-08 dongshengMDL-13766, users can delele their own cache files in fp.
2008-09-08 jeromeMDL-15402: fixes for tabs.php - now display tab reposit...
2008-09-07 skodakMDL-14589 adding missing lang strings
2008-09-05 jeromeMDL-15402: modify repository_get_instances() in order...
2008-09-05 jeromeMDL-15404: fix few bugs in repository administration...
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: fix some admin menu titles for repository
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: change "delete confirmation" message
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: Repository admin: separate operations in...
2008-09-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, check context id"
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: dimmed text when plugin type is hidden
2008-09-03 jeromeMDL-15402: delete a type now delete all its instances...
2008-09-03 jeromeMDL-15402: change repository_cache_expire common option...
2008-09-03 jeromeMDL-15402: add repository_cache_expire common option
2008-09-03 dongsheng"MDL-13766, improve css"
2008-09-03 moodlerFixed some language strings in file picker
2008-09-02 jeromeMDL-15402: new version of repository administration
2008-09-01 dongsheng"MDL-13766, improve loading UI"
2008-08-29 dongshengMDL-13766, add a lang string.
2008-08-27 dongshengMDL-13766, fix lang strings and small bugs
2008-08-26 moodlerthumbnails -> icons
2008-08-26 moodlerSome improvements to strings - translators should proba...
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766, use one api_key for all boxnet instances
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-19 dongsheng"MDL-13766, small changes to repository management"
2008-08-13 dongshengMDL-15402, add admin setting page, to meet requirement...
2008-08-11 dongshengMDL-13766, some small changes for repository api.
2008-08-06 dongshengMDL-13766, fix bugs in formlib
2008-08-01 dongshengMDL-13766, add lang strings.
2008-07-31 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-07-28 dongsheng"MDL-13766, repository settings page"