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[moodle.git] / lib / dml / sqlite3_pdo_moodle_database.php
2010-05-21 Petr Skodayet more comment typos
2009-11-04 Eloy LafuenteMDL-20734 normalise_value() - moving from private to...
2009-06-27 poltawskiSorry managed to commit sql_bitxor twice
2009-06-27 poltawskidml/sqllite MDL-19644 - add sql_bitxor compatibility
2009-06-27 poltawskidml/sqllite MDL-19642 - Make connections more robust
2009-06-27 poltawskidml/sqllite MDL-19644 - add sql_bitxor compatibility
2009-06-12 skodakMDL-19470 fixing DML license headers
2009-02-07 skodakMDL-17458 rewritten installer
2009-01-12 skodakMDL-17859 implemented caching in get_tables()
2008-11-21 skodakMDL-17354 moved reset_sequence into dbmanager
2008-10-28 skodakMDL-16669 dml: improved sql_substring(), added unit...
2008-09-16 nicolasconnaultMDL-16483 Reverting as Petr ordered... I mean, suggested.
2008-09-16 nicolasconnaultMDL-16483 Refactored install/upgrade code into lib...
2008-08-30 skodakMDL-15635 sqlite fixes - by Andrei Bautu
2008-08-25 skodakMDL-15671 support for table sequence resetting - code...
2008-07-13 skodakMDL-15071 fixes of the SQLite layer by Andrei Bautu
2008-06-22 skodakMDL-15071 fixed problem introduced into submitted patch
2008-06-22 skodakMDL-15071 new sqlite pdo driver by Andrei Bautu (with...