MDL-9616 - Custom checks in environment.xml
[moodle.git] / lib / environmentlib.php
2007-04-27 tjhuntMDL-9616 - Custom checks in environment.xml
2007-03-18 stronk7Adding the environmentbox class to the box.
2007-01-13 stronk7Now environment stuff uses $CFG->dbfamily
2007-01-09 moodlerDon't let downloaded environment files cause problems...
2007-01-08 stronk7Environment checks support mysqli. MDL-8113
2006-11-07 skodaknew unicode environment check for 1.8 and 1.7 MDL-6332...
2006-09-26 skodakcoverted /admin/ to proper /$CFG->admin/ in paths
2006-09-02 skodakdeglobalization of $ADMIN; merged admin/adminlib.php...
2006-06-06 stronk7Now environmentlib supports RESTRICT sections (to be...
2006-05-29 stronk7Normalize oracle driver name.
2006-04-05 vyshaneFixed Bug #5080 - admin/environment.php use a new and...
2006-02-05 stronk7Perform one aditional check to avoid one, in my opinion,
2006-02-04 stronk7We only allow to bypass "required" checks.
2006-02-04 stronk7Now every test in the enviromental check can by bypasse...
2006-02-03 stronk7Now environment.xml file can define for all the tests...
2006-01-21 stronk7Changed harcoded 'admin' to $CFG->admin
2006-01-20 stronk7Now results of check_moodle_environment() are
2006-01-19 stronk7Notices out!
2006-01-19 stronk7Now postgresql version is properly checked.
2006-01-18 stronk7Now a final box is showed at the end of the report.
2006-01-18 stronk7Now we are able to print a pretty table with results
2006-01-16 stronk7After thinking a bit about it, this file is, exactly,