[moodle.git] / lib / form / filepicker.php
2008-09-10 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-08 moodlerMDL-15348 Add changes for filepicker to support the...
2008-09-07 skodakMDL-15906 filepicker support in all file functions...
2008-09-02 moodlerMDL-15348 Make the filepicker component return the...
2008-09-01 moodlerMDL-15348 Make sure the filepicker element shows a...
2008-09-01 dongsheng"MDL-13766, display file name after file downloaded"
2008-08-28 jeromeMDL-13766: refactor all libary functions, they now...
2008-08-27 scyrmaMDL-15405: Add missing quote in javascript code
2008-08-27 scyrmaMDL-15405: A first form (partly) converted to the new...
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-11 dongshengMDL-13766, some small changes for repository api.
2008-08-07 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-06 dongshengMDL-13766, use a better value for itemid.
2008-08-06 dongshengMDL-13766, fix bugs in formlib
2008-08-05 dongshengMDL-13766, fix for filepicker in moodleform
2008-08-05 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, use file api to move files"
2008-08-01 dongshengMDL-13766, tell server side where file picker opened.
2008-07-31 dongshengMDL-13766