removed $SESSION->encoding now replaced by current_charset() and $CFG->unicodedb...
[moodle.git] / message /
2006-01-05 stronk7Message system now use current_charset().
2005-12-26 moodlerMerged typo fix from stable
2005-12-07 gustav_deliusRemoved some code that had not function and produced...
2005-11-05 skodakmessaging - fixed page encoding in headers; merged...
2005-09-07 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_15_STABLE (ish): better fix to messa...
2005-08-31 mjollnir_Merged from MOODLE_15_STABLE: Fixing bug 3977: properly...
2005-05-23 moodlerOld fix to help focus after beep a little
2005-05-04 moodlerUse two author styles on history pages too
2005-05-04 moodlerDifferent styles for me and the other person
2005-05-04 moodlerFixing some styles
2005-04-23 moodlerFIxed some focus issues
2005-04-23 moodlerFixing up some message style names
2005-04-23 moodlerThere is a new setting in Messaging, so that you can...
2005-04-23 moodlerFixed context links on search messages
2005-04-21 moodlerFixed how extra user help is displayed
2005-04-20 defacerSee bug 2987 (there is more to it than this checkin):
2005-04-20 moodlerFixed translation problem (bug 2340)
2005-04-14 moodlerSome serious performance improvements to messaging!
2005-04-05 moodlerActually 3/min sounds better than 4/min
2005-04-05 moodlerReduce the default speeds for messaging
2005-03-27 moodlerAdded title to history icon link (SE)
2005-03-17 moodlerGuests can't use messaging
2005-03-16 moodlerUse new tabs (SE)
2005-03-10 moodlerWIndows now try and pop to the front when a new message...
2005-03-04 moodlerAdded CSS hooks for page
2005-03-04 moodlerOK, finally fixed that refresh bug in Firefox! Added...
2005-03-04 moodlerFoxed a typo
2005-02-27 moodlerEr, much better !
2005-02-27 moodlerSimple bell code ... needs work I think.
2005-02-27 moodlerHostory links should popup too.
2005-02-25 moodlerSignificant improvements to the message display
2005-02-25 moodlerAdded a HTML editor to the messages
2005-02-13 stronk7Added message_contacts users to the function,
2005-02-13 moodlerFix to get around a problem in get_records with one...
2005-02-12 moodlerWhoops, fixed a typo!
2005-02-12 moodlerAdded message_get_participants function for ELoy to...
2005-01-31 moodlerMessaging can now be completely disabled using $CFG...
2005-01-28 moodlerRemoved some THEME
2005-01-25 moodlerFixed a variable reference
2005-01-23 moodlerRemoved some old stuff
2005-01-21 moodlerAdmins can ALWAYS post, even when blocked.
2005-01-18 gustav_deliusmessagetext in history shoulld not be wrapped in paragr...
2005-01-11 moodlerOld messages are no longer replaced by new messages...
2005-01-05 moodlerSOme code tidyups, and fixes for missing langauge strin...
2005-01-05 moodler$ME is not always reliable in this case
2005-01-03 moodlerHistory links with context now scroll directly to the...
2005-01-03 moodlerSMall fixes
2005-01-03 moodlerImproved offline/online logic and display
2005-01-03 moodlerFixed some bugs in my last checkin
2005-01-03 moodlerSome tidy up of some code and the information display...
2005-01-03 moodlerBig improvements on message searching. It now highligh...
2005-01-03 moodlerSome tweaks here and there to the display
2005-01-02 moodlerSome tidy-ups and some styles
2005-01-01 moodlerEmailing is now working well, and more GUI cleanups
2005-01-01 moodlerTidying up icons and layout
2005-01-01 moodlerTypo in popup params
2005-01-01 moodlerFixed up some history linking
2005-01-01 moodlerAdded access to discussion histories
2005-01-01 moodlerSmaller text window for typing and safer display of...
2004-12-31 gustav_deliusfixed some small bugs
2004-12-31 moodlerNo changes, just rearranging code a little
2004-12-30 moodlerMessage windows now popup from any page
2004-12-29 ikawheroFixed keyword searching
2004-12-28 moodlerLatest messaging system
2004-12-16 moodlerDraft beginning of new messaging system that Martin...