Displays all user pictures on one page.
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2003-08-03 stronk7Now chats are restored too !! :-)
2003-08-03 stronk7Now chats are backuped too !! :-)
2003-07-25 moodlerA better way of doing chat_get_latest_message() that...
2003-07-25 moodlerFIxed the LIMIT bug I just made ... need to find a...
2003-07-25 moodlerNo need for body colour
2003-07-25 moodlerNew feature - chat scheduling. Can now set a time...
2003-07-24 moodlerSome improved popup windows / links for user pictures
2003-07-22 moodlerFixed a typo
2003-07-22 moodlerSlightly more robust in case it can't find users. ...
2003-07-21 moodlerBetter formatting on IE
2003-07-21 moodlerSpacers look funny on IE
2003-07-21 moodlerWas cropping first/last message - fixed now
2003-07-21 moodlerPut link at the top
2003-07-21 moodlerAdd a display of current users on the view page
2003-07-21 moodlerMake session link translatable
2003-07-21 moodlerAh! Now we're getting somewhere - chat reports look...
2003-07-21 moodlerA bit more usable now
2003-07-21 moodlerSome new code related to the new reports - uploading...
2003-07-21 moodlerOnly show "recent activity" for chats in the current...
2003-07-12 moodlerWhen displaying index lists of a particular module...
2003-07-10 moodlerForce unique entries in list
2003-07-10 moodlerNeed to escape slashes here
2003-07-10 moodlerMinor formatting fix
2003-07-10 moodlerChat now prints something useful under recent activity
2003-07-09 moodlerRight ping now
2003-07-09 moodlerA beep is a ping. ;-)
2003-07-09 moodlerSlightly better window name
2003-07-09 moodlerSimple beeping is now added ... users can now beep...
2003-07-09 moodlerA default beep
2003-07-09 moodlerAdd a notification when people have left
2003-07-09 moodlerAdded emoting (both the MOO style with a : and the...
2003-07-07 moodlerAdded parsing of links
2003-07-07 moodlerStuff
2003-07-07 moodlerShow the intro text now
2003-07-07 moodlerSome minor improvements
2003-07-07 moodlerVery early version of new chat module, made by Martin...