MDL-20534 lti: various fixes
[moodle.git] / mod / lti / typessettings.php
2011-11-08 Eloy Lafuente (str... MDL-20534 lti: various fixes
2011-11-07 Eloy Lafuente (str... MDL-20534 lti: A3, coding style + some scope, constructors
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerMDL-20534 lti: A3, whitespace fixes (Changes by stronk7)
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerMDL-20534 lti: A3, copyright and DOS lf fixed
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerUpdating SSL settings & configuration for the LTI plugin.
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerUpdates to lti plugin & progress on instructor manageme...
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerExtracting add/edit type functions for reuse
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerFixing localization string
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerImplemented admin tool management
2011-11-07 Chris ScribnerRenaming plugin to lti from blti