Improvements to formatting on old Netscape browsers
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2002-11-12 moodlerImprovements to formatting on old Netscape browsers
2002-10-25 moodlerAdded quiz max grade in column title, for reference
2002-10-22 moodlerMore concise feedback on grading, and more efficiency...
2002-10-22 moodlerAdded help pages to quiz module.
2002-10-22 moodlerDisplay tweaks to table of attempts
2002-10-22 moodlerTeacher can now regrade (recalculate grades) of all...
2002-10-22 moodlerTeacher can now view student attempts
2002-10-21 moodlerCan now delete questions. It checks that the question...
2002-10-15 moodlerOK, it seems reliable enough now for alpha testing.
2002-10-13 moodlerAdded a basic report and some clean-ups