Merge branch 'm20_MDL-26176_cleanup' of
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / api.php
2010-11-10 Dan MarsdenSCORM 2004 MDL-18756 - only return previous datamodel...
2010-09-22 Sam Hemelrykmod-scorm MDL-19815 Fixed up deprecated error calls
2010-07-22 Dan MarsdenSCORM MDL-22951 New player for SCORM fixes major regres...
2008-12-05 danmarsdenrename api.php file:MDL-17515: Moodle API will treat...
2008-09-09 skodakMDL-16088 scorm new file api conversion
2008-08-22 piersMDL-13431 - SCORM results not transferring to Gradebook...
2008-08-06 piersMDL-8193 Incorrect handling of quotes in SetValue...
2008-08-04 piersMDL-10425 and MDL-12872 Firefox bugs String() handling...
2008-06-15 dongsheng"MDL-14129, fix print_error"
2008-06-05 skodakMDL-15115 scorm dml covnersion
2008-04-04 dongshengMDL-14129, remove all the other error() call
2006-11-21 bobopinnaSplitted scoes optional data in a new table
2006-10-26 bobopinnaAdded Write Once Error reveal
2006-09-20 skodakmajor whitespace cleanup - fixed \r\n line-ending
2006-08-31 bobopinnaAdded capability support
2006-08-09 moodlerRemoved tabs
2006-08-08 skodaknew function get_coursemodule_from_id() is now used...
2006-05-29 bobopinnaCleaned some unused include
2006-05-25 bobopinnaNew version with SCORM 2004 sequencing done by Pham...
2006-03-08 skodaklots of incorrect required_param()'s - there MUST be...
2006-01-10 bobopinnaAdded multi attempt management
2005-11-15 bobopinnaGeneral review to support XHTML Strict
2005-07-08 bobopinnachanged all the POST with option/required_param functions
2005-05-23 bobopinnaAdded user activity support
2005-05-20 bobopinnaFixed a problem with credit/no-credit
2005-05-19 bobopinnaFixed some datamodel elements type
2005-05-16 stronk7Tabs are out.
2005-05-06 bobopinnafixed some typos and fixed some datamodel element
2005-04-29 bobopinnaAdded store datamodel and repot
2005-04-28 bobopinnaAdded data store and reporting
2005-04-17 moodlerRationalised get_user_info_from_db() and sundry other...
2005-04-01 bobopinnaSeveral change to db fields, a complete redesign of...
2005-02-22 bobopinnaAdded complete datamodel support for SCORM 1.2
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step to SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step for SCORM2004, new communication subsystem