New styles added
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / api1_2.php
2004-11-11 bobopinnaPatched a nav.event data model problem
2004-08-09 bobopinnaAdded multiorg display and patched some typo
2004-07-19 bobopinnaSome bug fixes, added new score view (thanks Matt)...
2004-07-12 bobopinnaFixed some problems in Moodle 1.3.2
2004-07-06 bobopinna*** empty log message ***
2004-07-01 bobopinnaRefined time data model parsing and fixed the credit...
2004-07-01 bobopinnaRemoved a debug alert
2004-07-01 bobopinnaUpdated backup to popup windows. Modified auto-continue...
2004-06-30 bobopinnaPatched the auto-continue feature
2004-06-28 bobopinnaFixed some popup window problems (some still fixing)
2004-06-21 bobopinnaAdded popup window scorm player and its settings
2004-06-10 bobopinnaAdded cmi.core.score.min/max support to API
2004-05-27 bobopinnaFixed some undefined variable
2004-05-21 moodlerPutting in Bobo's latest changes (from the contrib...
2004-05-20 moodlerPutting SCORM into maintree CVS, to make it easier...