Fixed problem with the update of cmi.entry adding conditions in the first php block
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / datamodels / scorm_13.js.php
2006-12-12 csantossaenzFixed problem with the update of cmi.entry adding condi...
2006-10-27 bobopinnaFixed a problem with TIMESPAN pattern matching
2006-10-27 bobopinnaAdded support to adl.nav (Sequencing is needed to complete)
2006-10-26 bobopinnaAdded Write Once Error reveal
2006-10-24 bobopinnaAdded CAM support to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
2006-10-09 bobopinnaFixed some bugs in the datamodel definition
2006-10-05 bobopinnaFixed comments_from_learner data element to fit ADL...
2006-10-04 bobopinnaFixed a bad error code choose
2006-09-29 bobopinnaAdded _ to version data element
2006-09-26 bobopinnaSplitted all the scorm/aicc library in type separeted...