MDL-14902 Missing column 'whatgrade' in prefix_scorm table. Is a DB patch (thanks...
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / db / install.xml
2008-08-01 piersMDL-14902 Missing column 'whatgrade' in prefix_scorm...
2007-09-24 stronk7Second pass. Modules. Some more default comments are...
2007-01-24 bobopinnarenamed field external changed it to updatefreq
2006-12-11 bobopinnaAdded sequencing tables
2006-11-21 bobopinnaSplitted scoes optional data in a new table
2006-09-26 stronk7Ops, scorm->skipview default must be 1
2006-09-26 stronk7Adding scorm->skipview to XMLDB file!
2006-08-12 stronk7Initial version of the XMLDB file for this plugin