MDL-14902 Missing column 'whatgrade' in prefix_scorm table. Is a DB patch (thanks...
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / db / upgrade.php
2008-08-01 piersMDL-14902 Missing column 'whatgrade' in prefix_scorm...
2008-06-15 skodakMDL-15246 moving all remaining ddl function to adminlib...
2008-05-31 skodakMDL-14679 upgrade $DB conversion
2007-11-09 fmarierAdd missing fields when upgrading/installing on Postgres
2007-08-10 skodakMDL-9552 support for new gradebook in scorm
2007-07-23 poltawskiMDL-9742 - converting tabs to spaces
2007-07-03 bobopinnaFixed a problem with memory use and big data tracks...
2007-05-08 poltawskiMDL-9742 Converting tabs to spaces
2007-03-15 bobopinnaBug fix MDL-8903
2007-01-24 bobopinnaAdded conditional rename/add for field external
2007-01-24 bobopinnaChanged drop and add with rename
2007-01-24 bobopinnarenamed field external changed it to updatefreq
2007-01-18 csantossaenzAdded the field external to the mdl_scorm table
2007-01-17 csantossaenzadded a field to store ckecksum of a remote package
2006-12-11 bobopinnaAdded sequencing tables
2006-11-21 bobopinnaSplitted scoes optional data in a new table
2006-10-26 stronk7New upgrade.php file added for this module. MDL-7214