changed all the POST with option/required_param functions
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / index.php
2005-07-08 bobopinnachanged all the POST with option/required_param functions
2005-04-24 stronk7Now scorm->name supports filterall.
2005-04-13 moodlerCorrect calls to require_course_login
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step to SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step for SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-16 gustav_deliusIn order to ensure that when a teacher hides a resource...
2004-09-20 bobopinnaUpdated XHTML tags and attributes in order to pass...
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusclosed some br tags
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusfixed capitalization and quoting of attribute values
2004-07-28 moodlerFixed a notice
2004-05-20 moodlerPutting SCORM into maintree CVS, to make it easier...