First step to SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
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2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step to SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-17 bobopinnaNew validation procedure
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step for SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-12 gustav_deliusActivities can now be hidden/shown from the activity...
2005-01-22 stronk7Modify sesskey behaviour. SC#73
2004-11-26 moodlerChanges for XHTML and accessibility compatibility
2004-11-02 moodlerUpdated Resource, Wiki and Scorm to use the new files...
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusclosed some br tags
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusfixed capitalization and quoting of attribute values
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusclosed <input /> <br /> <hr />
2004-07-19 bobopinnaSome bug fixes, added new score view (thanks Matt)...
2004-07-12 bobopinnaFixed some problems in Moodle 1.3.2
2004-06-30 bobopinnaPatched the auto-continue feature
2004-06-28 bobopinnaFixed some popup window problems (some still fixing)
2004-06-21 bobopinnaAdded popup window scorm player and its settings
2004-06-07 bobopinnaFixed PHP_SELF and patched some other playing problems
2004-06-04 moodlerBRANCH MERGE
2004-05-20 stronk7Avoid some notices in edit page (debug=on)
2004-05-20 moodlerPutting SCORM into maintree CVS, to make it easier...