changed all the POST with option/required_param functions
[moodle.git] / mod / scorm / view.php
2005-07-08 bobopinnachanged all the POST with option/required_param functions
2005-07-07 bobopinnaFixed an update problem with the setting browsemode...
2005-07-03 bobopinnaFixed a bug in report counting
2005-06-27 bobopinnaAdded support to SCORM course format
2005-05-23 bobopinnaAdded user activity support
2005-05-16 stronk7Tabs are out.
2005-05-10 bobopinnaFixed report counter
2005-05-10 martinlanghoffMerged from MOODLE_14_STABLE - SQL fixes in GROUP BY...
2005-04-29 bobopinnaAdded store datamodel and repot
2005-04-28 bobopinnaAdded data store and reporting
2005-04-24 stronk7Now scorm->name supports filterall.
2005-04-13 moodlerAdded some reportlink classed to the report links
2005-04-04 bobopinnaUniformed view and playscorm course structure
2005-04-01 bobopinnaSeveral change to db fields, a complete redesign of...
2005-03-13 moodlerStandardise the intro box using an ID
2005-02-27 stronk7Some $ME are now out!
2005-02-17 bobopinnaFirst step for SCORM2004, new communication subsystem
2005-02-16 gustav_deliusIn order to ensure that when a teacher hides a resource...
2004-09-20 bobopinnaUpdated XHTML tags and attributes in order to pass...
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-09-14 gustav_deliustowards XHTML compliance
2004-09-12 gustav_deliusfixed capitalization and quoting of attribute values
2004-08-25 bobopinnaPatched a problem with asset resources
2004-08-09 bobopinnaAdded multiorg display and patched some typo
2004-07-06 bobopinna*** empty log message ***
2004-06-29 bobopinnaModified user score visualization
2004-06-29 bobopinnaFixed last Explorer popup bug and added user score...
2004-06-21 bobopinnaAdded popup window scorm player and its settings
2004-06-07 bobopinnaFixed PHP_SELF and patched some other playing problems
2004-05-27 bobopinnaFixed some undefined variable
2004-05-21 moodlerPutting in Bobo's latest changes (from the contrib...
2004-05-20 moodlerPutting SCORM into maintree CVS, to make it easier...