A notice about versions
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2006-09-27 moodlerA notice about versions
2006-09-27 moodlerFixed up some wrong entries in the log_display table...
2006-09-27 bobopinnaAdded skipview field backup and restore
2006-09-26 stronk7Ops, scorm->skipview default must be 1
2006-09-26 stronk7Adding scorm->skipview to PostgreSQL
2006-09-26 stronk7Adding scorm->skipview to XMLDB file!
2006-09-26 bobopinnaAdded the new features MDL-4482 and MDL-6534 (Course...
2006-09-26 bobopinnaFixed a bug in mode selection
2006-09-26 bobopinnaAdded skip view page feature
2006-09-26 bobopinnaFixed a problem with Firefox
2006-09-26 bobopinnaDowngraded a new feature to fix the module
2006-09-26 bobopinnaMoved in datamodels directory
2006-09-26 bobopinnaNot used for now
2006-09-26 bobopinnaSplitted all the scorm/aicc library in type separeted...
2006-09-26 bobopinnaFixed a problem with reporting and multiattempts
2006-09-26 bobopinnaFixed some problems with reporting and multiattempts
2006-09-22 vyshaneRemoved mod/scorm:view
2006-09-20 skodakmajor whitespace cleanup - fixed trailng whitespace...
2006-09-20 skodakmajor whitespace cleanup - fixed tabs
2006-09-20 skodakmajor whitespace cleanup - fixed \r\n line-ending
2006-09-19 toyomoyoreplacing deprecated funciton calls with capability...
2006-09-18 moodlerFixed some debugging statements
2006-09-14 bobopinnaRemoved two style definitions (bug MDL-6209)
2006-09-12 moodlerSmall bump for guest role fix
2006-09-12 moodlerReload the guest role using new defaults
2006-09-11 nfreearFixes MDL-6516, "Error on logs page because of mess...
2006-09-01 bobopinnaAdded multi-attemps support
2006-08-31 bobopinnaFixed a typo
2006-08-31 bobopinnaFixed context selection
2006-08-31 bobopinnaAdded capability support
2006-08-12 stronk7Initial version of the XMLDB file for this plugin
2006-08-11 bobopinnaFixed a problem during scorm update.
2006-08-10 bobopinnaCleaned code
2006-08-10 bobopinnaFixed a problem with popup window and IE
2006-08-09 moodlerRemoved tabs
2006-08-08 skodaknew function get_coursemodule_from_id() is now used...
2006-07-31 skodakmerging changes from MOODLE_16_STABLE
2006-07-23 danmarsdenFixes for Bug 5749 and Bug 5750
2006-06-08 vyshaneMerge from 1.6. Fix for scorm_option2text(). options...
2006-06-06 bobopinnaFixed some regular expressions Bug 5041
2006-06-05 bobopinnaFixed a typo
2006-06-05 bobopinnaAdded class name for the IFRAME element
2006-06-05 bobopinnaFixed modified names for some constants [Bug 5695]
2006-05-30 bobopinnaTwo icons added by Pham Minh Duc
2006-05-29 bobopinnaCleaned some unused include
2006-05-26 skodaksanitize submitted numerical values; merged from MOODLE...
2006-05-25 bobopinnaNew version with SCORM 2004 sequencing done by Pham...
2006-05-17 martinlanghoffmod/choice mod/lesson mod/scorm moodle16cleanup: Added...
2006-05-17 martinlanghoffmoodle16cleanup: mod/scorm version column should not...
2006-04-24 vyshaneFixed inserts for log_display.
2006-04-24 toyomoyochanged formats for log_display table
2006-04-24 bobopinnaAdded memory to toc's collaps/expand mode
2006-04-24 toyomoyojust in case someone has the index elemeny and not...
2006-04-12 bobopinnaAdded utf8 conversion
2006-04-12 bobopinnaFixed navigation bar links for SCORM course format
2006-04-12 bobopinnaFixed navigation bar link for SCORM course format
2006-04-12 bobopinnaFixed a typo
2006-04-12 bobopinnaFixed empty tags check
2006-04-12 bobopinnaFixed default stage size
2006-04-12 bobopinnaAdded multi attempt support
2006-04-12 bobopinnaAdded debug messages
2006-04-11 stronk7htmlentities() to s()
2006-04-11 bobopinnaAdded support to multi attempts
2006-03-30 bobopinnaFixed two problems in AICC import
2006-03-27 mjollnir_WHERE 1 is NOT valid postgres syntax. Just pass empty...
2006-03-10 patricksleeUTF8 migration - now supporting PostgreSQL
2006-03-08 skodaklots of incorrect required_param()'s - there MUST be...
2006-03-07 skodakshort php tags
2006-02-24 toyomoyosee changes for admin/utfdbmigrate.php
2006-02-14 toyomoyofixing a weird index in scorm_scoes_track (see bug...
2006-02-13 bobopinnaRemoved the last short tag
2006-02-03 bobopinnaFixed some bugs and typos
2006-01-31 moodlerchanged to use utfconvert function
2006-01-27 moodlerfixing typo
2006-01-24 moodlerbug fixing
2006-01-17 moodlerAdded default values where needed for columns in the...
2006-01-16 moodlermore bugs
2006-01-15 mjollnir_Abstracted a bit of the restore procedure to allow...
2006-01-13 toyomoyomore bug fixes =(
2006-01-13 mjollnir_Granular backup & restore:
2006-01-12 mjollnir_Fixed a fatal error in scorm locallib
2006-01-12 bobopinnaFixed some theme skinning bugs.
2006-01-11 toyomoyoadded 2 fields in xml, addindex and dropindex, and...
2006-01-10 bobopinnaAdded multi attempt management
2006-01-09 toyomoyoutf8 migration support scripts
2005-12-20 mjollnir_Postgres compatibility in scorm db upgrade
2005-12-12 martinlanghoffmod/scorm: fixed syntax errors (switch to an editor...
2005-11-29 bobopinnaAdded multiple attempts support
2005-11-29 bobopinnaFixed bug 4379
2005-11-22 moodlerfixes bug #4354
2005-11-15 bobopinnaGeneral review to support XHTML Strict
2005-10-14 bobopinnaUpdated css for playscorm.php
2005-10-14 bobopinnaRevised all html code.
2005-10-13 bobopinnaFixed a bug in a javascript string.
2005-09-26 bobopinnaDowngraded Moodle requirements to Moodle 1.5
2005-09-26 bobopinnaAdded the new popup window mode
2005-09-26 bobopinnaFixed a problem with version datamodel
2005-09-13 bobopinnaAdded direct import of manifest files.
2005-09-13 bobopinnaIncluded support for guest users.