workshop: removing "Login as random participant" which was used during development
[moodle.git] / mod / workshop / tabs.php
2010-04-22 David Mudrakworkshop: removing "Login as random participant" which...
2010-01-04 David MudrakMDL-20652 workshop: more work on example submissions
2010-01-04 David MudrakReplaced develtools with a temporary loginas tab
2010-01-04 David MudrakMDL-20236 overall codebase architecture cleanup and...
2010-01-04 David MudrakGo workshop, go!
2010-01-04 David MudrakDisplays the list of submissions
2010-01-04 David MudrakUses tabs for all actions, removed temporary links
2010-01-04 David MudrakMore work done on the Workshop Plan UI
2010-01-04 David MudrakMostly working on the view.php UI plus some changes