Displays all user pictures on one page.
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2003-08-07 moodlerNew and updated images
2003-07-14 moodlerArbitrary moving of activities (aka cut and paste)
2003-04-28 moodlerTidying up the way pix images are used.
2003-04-15 moodlerTweakin' icons
2003-04-15 moodlerSlight mods ... are they better?
2003-04-14 moodlerHide/show individual activities in any section
2002-10-17 moodlerMade transparent
2002-10-02 moodlerMade these images transparent
2002-09-21 martinMuch better look for user index
2001-12-04 martinAdded left and right arrows
2001-11-22 martinInitial revision