Fixed a notice. Tidied up format class call a bit. Added provision
[moodle.git] / question / format.php
2006-11-29 thepurpleblobFixed a notice. Tidied up format class call a bit....
2006-10-17 tjhuntFix bugs with GIFT import. Merged from MOODLE_17_STABLE.
2006-08-24 tjhuntFixed syntax error in a PHPdoc comment.
2006-07-18 tjhuntSC#277. Merged from MOODLE_16_STABLE.
2006-05-22 tjhuntFix an undefined variable notice. Merged from 1.6stable.
2006-05-13 thepurpleblobMerged from STABLE.
2006-04-28 thepurpleblobNow ignore hidden questions. Bug #4988
2006-04-21 thepurpleblobMoodle xml format can now export and import the actual...
2006-04-10 gustav_deliusWhenever a question is edited the version field is...
2006-03-23 thepurpleblobNot all questions have grades/fractions. Added check.
2006-03-22 thepurpleblobGrades in imported questions must match grades option...
2006-03-09 thepurpleblobFixed up some more links.
2006-03-01 gustav_deliusRemoving some more references to quiz from import/expor...
2006-02-28 gustav_delius*** empty log message ***
2006-02-24 thepurpleblobMoving import/export to new question area.