"MDL-13766, repository settings page"
[moodle.git] / repository / boxnet / repository.class.php
2008-07-28 dongsheng"MDL-13766, repository settings page"
2008-07-23 dongshengMDL-13766, rewrite ajax client code, encapsulate all...
2008-07-23 dongshengMDL-13766, use exception model to report error.
2008-07-21 dongshengMDL-13766, fix bugs in javascript, and use different...
2008-07-18 dongshengMDL-15348, improve list view of picker, display file...
2008-07-18 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-07-17 dongshengMDL-15350, fix typos and remove useless code.
2008-07-17 dongshengMDL-15350
2008-07-17 dongshengMDL-15349
2008-07-14 dongshengMDL-15350, search files in box.net repository.
2008-07-11 dongshengMDL-15350
2008-07-09 dongshengMDL-15350, bugs fix.
2008-07-07 dongshengMDL-15488
2008-07-01 dongsheng"MDL-15488, flickr plug-in added"
2008-06-30 dongsheng"MDL-15350, boxnet plug-in worked now"
2008-06-30 dongsheng"MDL-15350, change classname here"
2008-06-27 dongshengMDL-15350, Initial Revision of boxnet plugin