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2008-09-10 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-10 jeromeMDL-15402: now Moodle display course/user repositories...
2008-09-10 dongsheng"MDL-13766, load yui lib one time, TODO: load file...
2008-09-10 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fix event register bug"
2008-09-09 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-09 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-08 jeromeMDL-15402: fix a bug when try to display list of instan...
2008-09-08 dongshengMDL-13766, users can delele their own cache files in fp.
2008-09-08 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fix repository id in thumbnail view"
2008-09-08 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fix treeview html id"
2008-09-08 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-08 dongshengMDL-13766, global search enabled.
2008-09-08 scyrmaMDL-13766: make the filepicker work over https when...
2008-09-05 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fire onchange event in tinymce to preview...
2008-09-05 jeromeMDL-15402: modify repository_get_instances() in order...
2008-09-05 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fix a bug introduced by last commit"
2008-09-05 scyrmaMDL-13766: adjust comments & code to match, and make...
2008-09-05 jeromeMDL-15404: fix few bugs in repository administration...
2008-09-05 scyrmaMDL-13766: missing argument in function.
2008-09-05 dongsheng"MDL-13766, adjust file picker UI"
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: Repository admin: delete a repository type...
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: Repository admin: separate operations in...
2008-09-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, check context id"
2008-09-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, recommit jerome's changes"
2008-09-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, order repository instances"
2008-09-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, highlight filename when downloading a file"
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: default visibility is now set to false
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: dimmed text when plugin type is hidden
2008-09-04 jeromeMDL-15402: fix a small bug in repository.create(),...
2008-09-03 jeromeMDL-15402: delete a type now delete all its instances...
2008-09-03 dongsheng"MDL-13766, change color scheme, make file picker look...
2008-09-03 dongsheng"MDL-13766, improve css"
2008-09-03 moodlerFixed some language strings in file picker
2008-09-03 dongsheng"MDL-13766, fix css problem"
2008-09-02 jeromeMDL-15402: new version of repository administration
2008-09-02 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-01 dongsheng"MDL-13766, improve upload UI"
2008-09-01 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-09-01 dongsheng"MDL-13766, improve loading UI"
2008-09-01 dongshengMDL-13766, add a navbar to thumbnail view.
2008-08-29 dongshengMDL-16265, add a preview link under each icon.
2008-08-29 dongshengMDL-16266, add thumbnail on rename page.
2008-08-29 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-29 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-28 dongsheng"MDL-13766, update comments"
2008-08-28 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-28 jeromeMDL-13766: fix/add comments
2008-08-28 jeromeMDL-13766: refactor all repository_instances() => repos...
2008-08-28 jeromeMDL-13766: refactor all repository_instance() => reposi...
2008-08-28 jeromeMDL-13766: refactor all libary functions, they now...
2008-08-28 dongshengMDL-13766, verify data before return to browser.
2008-08-27 dongshengMDL-13766, fix lang strings and small bugs
2008-08-27 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-26 dongshengMDL-13766, add a cancel button on file picker, fix...
2008-08-26 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-22 dongsheng"MDL-13766, make folder in treeview looks different...
2008-08-22 scyrmaMDL-13766 better documentation (forgot one field, re...
2008-08-22 dongsheng"MDL-13766, browse subfolder in thumbview"
2008-08-22 scyrmaMDL-13766: improve documentation
2008-08-22 scyrmaMDL-13766: adding some documentation for the file listi...
2008-08-21 dongshengMDL-13766, fix javascript error and improve css.
2008-08-21 dongsheng"MDL-13766, small fix for repository"
2008-08-21 dongsheng"MDL-13766, beautify source code"
2008-08-20 skodakMDL-16146 repository client javascript not xhtml strict...
2008-08-20 skodakMDL-16146 repository client javascript not xhtml strict...
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766, fix a not_logged_in bug
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766, use one api_key for all boxnet instances
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-20 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-15 dongshengMDL-13766, self::static_func doesn't work well on php...
2008-08-14 dongshengMDL-13766, add more docs
2008-08-13 dongshengMDL-15402, add admin setting page, to meet requirement...
2008-08-11 dongshengMDL-13766, add icon for each repository, fix css style
2008-08-11 dongshengMDL-13766, some small changes for repository api.
2008-08-08 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-08 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-07 dongshengMDL-13766, use a better function name
2008-08-07 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-06 dongshengMDL-13766, use a better value for itemid.
2008-08-06 dongshengMDL-13766, fix bugs in formlib
2008-08-05 dongshengMDL-13766, mulit-filepicker in htmleditor worked.
2008-08-05 dongshengMDL-13766, more changes to mulit-filepicker in one...
2008-08-05 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-08-04 dongsheng"MDL-13766, use file api to move files"
2008-08-01 dongsheng"MDL-13766, clean up js lib"
2008-08-01 dongshengMDL-13766, tell server side where file picker opened.
2008-08-01 dongshengMDL-13766, change zindex value of file picker
2008-07-31 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-07-28 dongsheng"MDL-13766, repository settings page"
2008-07-23 dongshengMDL-13766, use exception model to report error.
2008-07-18 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-07-18 dongshengMDL-13766
2008-07-17 dongshengMDL-15405
2008-07-17 dongshengMDL-15349
2008-07-16 thepurpleblobfixed a small typo causing syntac error.
2008-07-16 dongshengMDL-15349, the implementation of get_file function...
2008-07-14 dongshengMDL-15350, search files in repository.