Fixed couple bugs in query, and improved logic of querylib.
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2006-09-08 mchampanFixed couple bugs in query, and improved logic of querylib.
2006-08-21 mchampanComments, update logic improved, rest of module add...
2006-08-16 mchampanAdd/delete/update cron functions added.
2006-08-16 mchampanDate field added to documents.
2006-08-14 mchampanAdvanced search page added.
2006-08-02 mchampanResource doc type and Zend readme changed.
2006-08-02 mchampanOption for additional search types added.
2006-08-02 mchampanString issue fix in ZF.
2006-07-28 mchampanAdded constant for search database table.
2006-07-28 mchampanChanged $doc->id to $doc->docid to prevent clashes...
2006-07-26 mchampanGlossary indexing added, used to demonstrate that it...
2006-07-25 mchampanGeneral updates, see README.txt.
2006-07-25 mchampanInitial commit
2006-07-14 mchampanFixed pagination in query page (lines were too long...
2006-07-11 mchampanSearch functions moved from mod/name/lib.php to search...
2006-07-05 mchampanCleaned up files, fixed some discrepancies and made...
2006-06-28 mchampanCorrected database prefix_ errors
2006-06-25 mchampanInitial commit