core MDL-19799 Updated print_header and build_navigation to OUTPUT and PAGE equivalents
[moodle.git] / sso / hive / expired.php
2009-09-07 samhemelrykcore MDL-19799 Updated print_header and build_navigatio...
2009-08-18 nicolasconnaultMDL-19799 Upgraded calls to helpbutton, print_simple_bo...
2009-08-06 nicolasconnaultMDL-19799 Migrated calls to close_window_button()
2007-01-04 skodakMDL-8062 1.3 Remove name attribute from <form> and...
2006-09-20 skodakmajor whitespace cleanup - fixed \r\n line-ending
2006-03-09 moodlerChecking in some old changes
2005-07-29 mikewaters Modified Files:
2005-07-15 moodlerMore Hive integration