Merged MDL-13640 to move "Manage tags" link
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2008-02-25 moodlerMerged MDL-13640 to move "Manage tags" link
2008-02-25 scyrmaMDL-13404 - Merge from 1.9 (re-commit, including missin...
2008-02-22 skodakMDL-13404 reverted - missing file and other minor problems
2008-02-22 scyrmaMDL-13404 - Merge from 1.9
2007-08-28 moodlerMOre tags in search box
2007-08-28 moodlerTag cloud is now definitely sorted by rawname MDL...
2007-08-28 luizlaydner- fixed tag cloud
2007-08-03 luizlaydner- added block support for tag pages
2007-07-31 moodlerFirst checkin of tag system from GSOC student Luiz...