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2010-11-14 Patrick MalleyMDL-25210 - Creating consistency in README files.
2010-07-09 Patrick MalleyMDL-23172 - Fixing <h3> error in README plus committing...
2010-06-30 Patrick MalleyMDL-23028 - adding GPL License statement
2010-06-30 Patrick MalleyMDL-23028 - adding standard README content to all exist...
2010-06-25 Patrick MalleyMDL-22874 - added boilerplate to theme config.php files
2010-06-24 Martin DougiamasMDL-22917 Removing links from theme READMEs
2010-04-26 Martin DougiamasJust adding a small readme placeholder for Patrick
2010-04-11 Patrick MalleyAdding a new test theme called Boxxie. It is the new...