MDL-25589 removing extra align value
[moodle.git] / theme / boxxie / layout / general.php
2010-09-09 john StFix for Theme Boxxie issue, MDL-24070
2010-08-27 Sam Hemelryktheme-boxxie MDL-23188 Added support for the custom...
2010-04-25 Patrick MalleyContinuing work on Boxxie theme
2010-04-23 Patrick Malleyimplementing new wrapper names - MDL-22180
2010-04-20 Patrick MalleyFixed header issues
2010-04-19 Patrick MalleyContinuing work on boxxie theme
2010-04-12 Patrick MalleyRemoved navbar from header in general layout
2010-04-12 Patrick MalleyAdded additional variables from base to general.php...
2010-04-12 Patrick MalleyBuilding theme
2010-04-11 Patrick MalleyAdding new layout for Boxxie theme