MDL-25589 removing extra align value
[moodle.git] / theme / boxxie / style /
2010-11-05 Sam Hemelrykthemes lib MDL-24895 Multiple fixes to better handle...
2010-10-05 john Stfix for custom menu sub menu, MDL-24389
2010-09-09 john StFix for Theme Boxxie issue, MDL-24070
2010-08-27 Sam Hemelryktheme-boxxie MDL-23188 Added support for the custom...
2010-08-26 Sam Hemelrykbackup MDL-23904 Tweaking core CSS for backups
2010-08-09 Petr SkodaMDL-23719 longtimenosee finally reimplemented - it...
2010-07-13 Rossiani WijayaMDL-22952 (bulk commit) - Fixed bidirectional page...
2010-07-12 Patrick MalleyMDL-23236 - adding current section styles
2010-06-23 Patrick MalleyMDL-22912 - change screenshot
2010-05-16 Patrick MalleyWorking on Boxxie, Canvas, and Formactor
2010-05-15 Patrick MalleyBoxxie now uses Canvas
2010-05-06 Sam Hemelrykthemes MDL-22358 Renamed sideblock class to block
2010-04-25 Patrick MalleyContinuing work on Boxxie theme
2010-04-23 Patrick Malleyimplementing new wrapper names - MDL-22180
2010-04-20 Patrick MalleyFixed header issues
2010-04-19 Patrick MalleyContinuing work on boxxie theme
2010-04-12 Patrick MalleyBuilding theme
2010-04-11 Patrick MalleyAdding a new test theme called Boxxie. It is the new...