MDL-25589 removing extra align value
[moodle.git] / theme / formfactor /
2010-11-18 john StFormfactor theme custom menu style fixes, MDL-25213
2010-11-14 Patrick MalleyMDL-25210 - Creating consistency in README files.
2010-11-05 Sam Hemelrykthemes lib MDL-24895 Multiple fixes to better handle...
2010-10-07 Sam Hemelrykeditor-css MDL-16319 Set default font for the core...
2010-08-16 Petr SkodaMDL-23795 basic support for print page layout + tons...
2010-07-18 Martin DougiamasMDL-22874 Fixing some 'standard' layouts mistakenly...
2010-07-09 Patrick MalleyMDL-23172 - Fixing <h3> error in README plus committing...
2010-06-30 Patrick MalleyMDL-23028 - adding GPL License statement
2010-06-30 Patrick MalleyMDL-23028 - adding standard README content to all exist...
2010-06-25 Patrick MalleyMDL-22874 - added boilerplate to theme config.php files
2010-06-24 Martin DougiamasMDL-22917 Removing links from theme READMEs
2010-05-27 Patrick MalleyMoved a misplaced element
2010-05-18 Sam Hemelryktheme-formfactor MDL-22497 Fixed notices in the formfac...
2010-05-15 Patrick MalleyStyle format changes
2010-05-06 Sam Hemelrykthemes MDL-22358 Renamed sideblock class to block
2010-05-05 Martin DougiamasRemoving hardcoded navigation from theme ... this is...
2010-05-03 Patrick MalleyAdding favicon and screenshot
2010-05-02 Patrick MalleyStill working on canvas and formfactor themes
2010-04-30 Patrick MalleyWork on admin pages of formfactor theme
2010-04-30 Patrick MalleyPresentation fixes to formfactor and canvas
2010-04-28 Patrick MalleyChanges to formfactor and canvas
2010-04-27 Patrick MalleySwapped order of parent themes in config.php
2010-04-27 Patrick MalleyUpdating Form Factor theme
2010-04-27 Patrick MalleyChecking in basic file structure for new theme.
2010-04-27 Patrick MalleyAdding basic files for new theme called formfactor