New user tabs from Shane and myself ... these bring together the
[moodle.git] / theme / standard / styles_color.css
2005-03-20 moodlerNew user tabs from Shane and myself ... these bring...
2005-03-18 moodlerVarious little cleanups
2005-03-17 moodlerChanged some colors for tablinks
2005-03-15 moodlerNew tab styles and new autolink styles
2005-03-13 moodlerSome styles for login page
2005-03-13 moodlerThis change will break themes for sideblock, but now...
2005-03-11 bawjawsadd specific classes for different types of autolink...
2005-03-10 moodlerJust where I'm at .. .changing rapidly
2005-03-08 defacerStyles for the new quiz results overview.
2005-03-08 moodlerMajor gain in efficiency for the latest news block...
2005-03-08 moodlerMore styles added for glossaries (SE)
2005-03-05 moodlerRenamed all the styles needed for sideblocks
2005-03-05 moodlerUse a customised style for censored words
2005-03-04 moodlerSome new styles for messages
2005-02-25 moodlerNew styles added for glossary module. Other changes...
2005-02-22 moodlerNew styles, changed styles, retro styles, bad 80s style...
2005-02-18 defacerHTML/CSS improvements for the event list in the calendar.
2005-02-17 moodlerSome more styles
2005-02-17 moodlerNew styles added
2005-02-17 defacerMore UI for calendar and DST options.
2005-02-16 moodlerSome more styles added
2005-02-16 moodlerSome new style fixes - thanks Shane!
2005-02-15 moodlerSmall forum fixes
2005-02-15 moodlerChecking in some unfinished work on forums ... moving...
2005-02-14 moodlerSeparating my new styles a bit and cleaning up
2005-02-14 moodlerRemoved some thead and tbody
2005-02-12 defacerThis small visual detail was trying to hide and escape. :P
2005-02-12 defacerLots of improvements in markup and styles for courses.
2005-02-12 defacerVastly improved styles, lots of inline styles removed...
2005-02-11 defacerStyles and markup improvements.
2005-02-11 defacerMore styles and markup cleanup. The basic calendar...
2005-02-10 moodlerMore styles added as the THEME variable is removed...
2005-02-10 defacerReworking of all calendar styles to address bug 2524.
2005-02-09 moodlerSome new styles
2005-02-08 fiedorowNew highlight color for forum/search.php
2005-02-08 moodlerConsistent admin pages
2005-02-08 moodlerStyles for notify and notice stuff
2005-01-30 moodlerModifications to allow parent theme, and some genral...
2005-01-30 urs_hunkleradded odd and even to the comments /* Alternate rows...
2005-01-30 moodlerAdded rows ...
2005-01-30 moodlerRemoved orange from calendar borders
2005-01-29 moodlerCourse boxes should have a white background
2005-01-29 moodlerAdded some padding on forum unread posts
2005-01-29 moodlerNew styles for forums
2005-01-27 urs_hunklerMinor changes.
2005-01-26 urs_hunklerOptimized the Structure to make it even more "readable".
2005-01-26 urs_hunklerSorted and commented CSS. Now you find an intro with...
2005-01-25 moodlerStandard sitetopic is white