New user tabs from Shane and myself ... these bring together the
[moodle.git] / theme / standard / styles_moz.css
2005-03-20 moodlerNew user tabs from Shane and myself ... these bring...
2005-03-15 moodlerStyles and images added to support tabs (SE)
2005-03-13 moodlerSome styles for login page
2005-03-10 moodlerJust where I'm at .. .changing rapidly
2005-03-08 moodlerMore styles added for glossaries (SE)
2005-03-05 moodlerRenamed all the styles needed for sideblocks
2005-02-18 defacerHTML/CSS improvements for the event list in the calendar.
2005-02-17 moodlerSome more styles
2005-02-17 moodlerNew styles added
2005-02-15 moodlerChecking in some unfinished work on forums ... moving...
2005-02-15 moodlerSome half-finished stuff ... need to move to another...
2005-02-14 moodlerRemoved some thead and tbody
2005-02-12 defacerLots of improvements in markup and styles for courses.
2005-02-12 defacerVastly improved styles, lots of inline styles removed...
2005-02-10 defacerIntroducing instance ids as id attributes in blocks...
2005-02-10 defacerReworking of all calendar styles to address bug 2524.
2005-02-09 defacerImproving some style details etc.
2005-02-09 moodlerSome new styles
2005-02-09 defacerRedoing the hide/show thingy for blocks purely through...
2005-02-08 moodlerStyles for notify and notice stuff
2005-01-30 moodlerModifications to allow parent theme, and some genral...