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2003-08-07 moodlerNew and updated images
2003-07-28 moodlerCleaned up the remaining images:
2003-07-19 moodlerFor completeness
2003-06-14 moodlerFixed icons - bug 442
2003-05-29 stronk7Bug #468 solved. Missing <? ?> tags
2003-05-24 mitstext-decoration: underline problem fixed.
2003-05-21 moodlerMuch improved favicons (transparent and more consistent)
2003-05-20 moodlerAdded missing style - .forumpostheadertopic
2003-05-15 moodlerMany little clean-ups for themes.
2003-05-09 moodlerBlack M
2003-05-09 moodlerIMPORTANT SECURITY FIX: prevents external PHP code...
2003-05-07 moodlerFIxed typo in favicon
2003-05-07 moodlerSlightly better favicons
2003-05-05 moodlerAdded two styles: .noticebox and .noticeboxcontent
2003-05-05 moodlerSome additions
2003-05-05 moodlerStyle cleanups. Some consistency, converted all to...
2003-05-04 moodlerGet rid of dashes
2003-05-04 moodlerTheme updates to suit new course formatting
2003-05-04 moodlerBeta workshop icon
2003-05-04 moodlerThese icons are just temporary - they don't look great
2003-05-04 moodlerAdded new style for hidden topics as well as some docs...
2003-04-28 moodlerForgot one
2003-04-28 moodlerAdded new custompix parameter
2003-04-28 moodlerThe rest of the images
2003-04-28 moodlerAdded example of how "custompix" is to be used
2003-04-26 stronk7Added the dimmed_text css style to show normal text...
2003-04-26 moodlerArgh! Excess quotes in CSS
2003-04-26 moodlerNew style for teacher-only colour (eg when showing...
2003-04-25 moodlerFooters use new styles for links
2003-04-25 moodlerStyle for "You are logged in as xxx" and the link to...
2003-04-18 moodlerTweak for generalbox
2003-04-18 moodlerStyle improvements and upgrades
2003-04-18 moodlerFirst pass at a cleaner display for discussion listings
2003-04-14 moodlerHide/show individual activities in any section
2003-03-12 moodlerModified Greg's work to:
2003-03-11 gregb_ccThis is a first attempt to make moodle frame safe.
2003-03-06 moodlerAdded missing styles and so fixed bug of display of...
2003-01-08 moodlerSome small robustness things, and a new style for quiz...
2003-01-06 moodlerLink from themes page to themes docs
2003-01-06 moodlerGarden theme by spiggy: http://phpgirl.com
2003-01-05 moodlerFIxed a missing quote, and fixed the highlight colour
2003-01-05 moodlerClean sweep through all the important changing all...
2003-01-05 moodlerFixes dependency on standardlogo
2003-01-05 moodlerNew standard white theme
2003-01-05 moodlerSmaller image and links break out of frames
2003-01-05 moodlerCleaned things up somewhat and made it more generic
2003-01-05 moodlerInitial version of "Poweraid" theme from Bjarne Varoyst...
2003-01-05 moodlerUpdating to current info
2003-01-05 moodlerInitial version by Tom Murdock
2002-12-13 moodlerAdded LI tag (not cascading)
2002-12-13 moodlerTweaks for highlighting
2002-12-13 mitsChanged softly :-)
2002-12-13 moodlerMore tweaks ... added style for outlinecontent when...
2002-12-13 moodlerWHoops ... I'd trashed the background
2002-12-13 moodlerFixed definition of standard styles
2002-12-13 moodlerFixed standard tags .... uses inheritance now
2002-12-13 moodlerNew style classes added to standard themes
2002-12-13 moodlerNew themes under construction
2002-12-10 moodlerAdded styles for forum posts
2002-12-09 moodlerFixed blue a little
2002-12-09 moodlerChanges for new styles and scheme
2002-12-09 moodlerSlight changes
2002-12-09 moodlerVarious little tweaks to improve the display of course...
2002-11-27 moodlerAdded missing </BODY> and </HTML> tags
2002-11-14 moodlerArgh ... fix for Netscape fix - was causing problems...
2002-11-12 moodlerImprovements in appearance for Netscape browsers
2002-11-12 moodlerBetter looking headings with right-to-left languages
2002-11-10 moodlerAdded menu stuff to other themes
2002-11-10 moodlerChanges to enable jumping between activity modules...
2002-10-11 moodlerChanges to support choice of language direction (so...
2002-09-27 martinAaaahhh I remember now why this was in here, because...
2002-09-27 martinRemoved theme chooser from here ... moving it to admin...
2002-09-23 martinNewly formatted header.html files in themes ... still...
2002-09-23 martinNew standardlogo theme ... like standard but with a...
2002-09-23 martinSample logo
2002-08-30 martinPrints an error message if theme can't be set
2002-08-17 martinChanges related to new way of setting and recalling...
2002-08-12 martinMinor tweaking and cleaning up
2002-08-11 martinSlight tweak to allow completely blank headers (no...
2002-08-11 martinMinor tweaks to colors
2002-08-11 martinNew coloured themes (green and red) just to add some...
2002-08-11 martinTook code out of footer.html (it's in print_footer...
2002-06-27 martinNew languages system - get_string() in moodlelib.
2002-06-11 martinNew "highlight" class (eg for search results)
2002-06-08 martinChanges to put update/edit icons in the headers of...
2002-06-05 martinChanged formatting (attempting to improve IE display)
2002-06-02 martinAdded semicolons to keep IE happy
2002-06-02 martinChanged to lowercase to make IE happy
2002-06-01 martinFixed for Internet Explorer?
2002-05-27 martinAdded style for <LI>
2002-03-10 martinEdited icon for consistency
2002-03-10 martinFavicon for blue theme is now blue (duh).
2002-02-27 martinSlight color changes
2002-02-26 martinNew blue theme
2001-12-04 martinBacked out quote changes, they do need to be where...
2001-12-03 martinCleaned up some formatting and updated the favicon...
2001-11-30 martinAdded favicon support and a small bugfix or two
2001-11-30 martinFirst go at a favicon for Moodle
2001-11-25 martinSeveral changes related to the front page, so that...
2001-11-22 martinremoved CVS Id strings