Fixed firstname lastname to call to fullname function
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2004-09-16 gustav_deliusadded missing </center>
2004-09-16 gustav_deliusXHTML compliance
2004-09-16 andreabixeliminated unwnted double space CRs
2004-09-12 gustav_deliustowards XHTML compliance
2004-09-08 andreabixAdded XHTML header definition and footer validation...
2004-09-07 moodlerMake the footer more compliant with the validator
2004-09-07 moodlerAdded show source because it's useful
2004-09-07 moodlerAdded links to validaton services
2004-09-07 moodlerTemporary theme to help with XHTML testing and validation
2004-09-02 moodlerMerged from stable --- updates for 1.4
2004-08-31 moodlerMerged robustness check
2004-08-17 moodlerFixed spaces/returns
2004-07-27 gustav_deliusremoved non-standard line-endings, see
2004-07-14 moodlerMerged $bodytags parameter in headers from STABLE
2004-07-14 moodlerAdded styles for site topic on front page
2004-06-01 moodlerOne character fixes bug 1513
2004-05-28 defacerA couple of new CSS rules to make the course summary...
2004-05-23 gustav_deliusChanged readme text because copying of theme folder...
2004-05-23 moodlerAdded styles for full event display
2004-05-23 moodlerNow the same colours as standard
2004-05-22 moodlerDisplay README.html as well
2004-05-22 moodlerImproved Standard Logo theme now actually uses the...
2004-05-22 moodlerPrint a theme README.txt if there is one.
2004-05-22 moodlerLOTS of theme fixes for calendars etc
2004-05-22 moodlerAdded some missing icons
2004-05-22 moodlerUpdated standard styles for new calendar popups
2004-05-21 defacerRemoved obsolete class
2004-05-20 moodlerMetal theme from A. Chavan
2004-05-10 moodlerFIxed short tag
2004-05-07 stronk7Added rss needed images for this theme
2004-05-04 andreabixChanged calendar colors to accomplish needs of people...
2004-04-28 defacerChanged a few visuals, mainly colors to better distingu...
2004-04-28 moodlerAdded some missing icons
2004-04-27 andreabixAddressed some transparency issues affecting the calend...
2004-04-22 andreabixChanged group event color to better differentiate Group...
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-20 defacerUpgrade with more intelligent CSS rules.
2004-04-16 andreabixHtml code cleanup
2004-04-14 andreabixAdded compatibility with the calendar functions. Added...
2004-03-31 moodlerStandard favicon
2004-03-31 moodlerStandard favicons
2004-03-31 moodlerImproved Favicon matches the logo
2004-03-29 moodlerAdded styles as per Jon's recommended install. Things...
2004-03-24 andreabixTheme update: modified the .autolink class in order...
2004-03-11 moodlerY not?
2004-03-09 stronk7Added the group icon to cordoroyblue theme.
2004-03-09 stronk7Leeson icon for cordoroyblue
2004-02-16 moodlerCornflower, by Tom Murdock.
2004-02-15 moodlerAdded new style headingblockcontent
2004-02-14 moodlerMOved the file icons into the proper place (at last)
2004-01-26 moodlerCheck $themename to prevent warnings at high levels...
2004-01-26 moodlerNew style for tabledivider, and some fixups
2004-01-26 moodlerPut $themename back again
2004-01-25 gustav_deliusminor fixes, including bugs 997, 998
2004-01-25 gustav_deliusadded missing </center>
2004-01-13 moodlerFixes for buggy stuff
2003-12-28 moodlerAdded two new styles for smallinfo displays on the...
2003-11-19 moodlerMention new style
2003-11-12 moodlerAdded label icon to cordoroyblue example
2003-10-31 moodlerNew feature: Allow students to see their own activity...
2003-10-30 moodlerNew database GIF by Eloy!
2003-10-29 moodlernew style forumheaderlist (instead of re-using forumpos...
2003-10-27 moodlerThomas Robb suggested a movehere image instead of the...
2003-10-26 moodlerFixed colours again
2003-10-22 stronk7Added glossary icon to cordoroyblue theme
2003-10-22 moodlerFixed some missing styles
2003-10-22 moodlerSome missing styles
2003-10-22 moodlerFIxed some missing styles and colours
2003-10-22 moodlerSome missing colours
2003-10-22 moodlerNew styles
2003-10-21 moodlerPut rounded corners on category box too
2003-10-21 moodlerSome additions to standard styles
2003-10-16 moodlerAutolinks added
2003-10-16 moodlerInfo for upgraders
2003-10-16 moodlerAdded styles and colour for autolink'ed text
2003-10-08 stronk7This image was missing in this theme and '?' images...
2003-09-21 moodlerSome improved XHTML
2003-09-20 moodlerMake the "guest allowed" icon separate from the user...
2003-09-13 moodlerPLace included metadata lines above the <title>
2003-09-11 moodlerSome short tags
2003-09-09 moodlerFixed some PHP short_tags
2003-09-08 moodlerSlight fix for category names (too big on IE)
2003-09-03 moodlerImprovements in styles for category/course listings
2003-08-29 moodlerTidied up the images a little bit to make them a bit...
2003-08-29 moodlerAdded some missing styles from the course listing,...
2003-08-23 stronk7Added new scales icon to theme
2003-08-18 moodlerTrying something different with the admin links .....
2003-08-17 moodlerMake the logs icon look slightly less stupid
2003-08-15 moodlerFixed an admin link
2003-08-15 moodlerTemporary scales icon
2003-08-12 moodlerNew, shorter intro to styles files that calls a function.
2003-08-11 moodlerThis icon was missing from the template
2003-08-10 moodlerSome name changes
2003-08-10 moodlerNew admin icon
2003-08-10 selliottadded icon.gif
2003-08-10 selliottadded backup.gif