MDL-33173 files: correct @package name
[moodle.git] / user / files.php
2012-05-25 Dan PoltawskiMDL-33173 files: correct @package name
2012-05-25 Dan PoltawskiMerge branch 'MDL-33173-master' of git://
2012-05-25 Frederic MassartMDL-33173 Filepicker: renamed private files edit page...
2012-05-20 Eloy Lafuente (str... Subtree merged git://
2010-10-21 Dongsheng CaiNOMDL, added capability check
2010-07-20 Martin DougiamasMDL-23367 Fixing some phpdocs
2010-07-19 Petr Skodafixed a few typos preventing JS execution :-D
2010-07-19 Martin DougiamasMDL-23367 First cut at moving the private files interfa...