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2003-08-07 moodlerAnother big checkin.
2003-07-30 moodlerBit more current now
2003-07-30 moodlerCOURSE DISPLAY REVAMP
2003-07-28 moodlerImproved indexing for improved performance on the cours...
2003-07-21 moodlerIncrease the size of the field to store sequences in...
2003-07-21 moodlerNew course parameter "visible" which makes the course...
2003-07-19 moodlerI'm about to start on some big jobs ...
2003-07-04 moodlerJust because it's about time to update it, and there...
2003-06-20 moodlerAbout time to update it anyway
2003-05-30 moodlerLet's move on, shall we? :-)
2003-05-29 moodlerI'm going to start packaging the release this evening... v1.0.9
2003-05-28 moodlerJust about there ...
2003-05-27 moodlerGetting close now
2003-05-23 moodlerNew field for user: autosubscribe
2003-05-20 moodlerJust incrementing
2003-05-19 moodlermissing closing php tag
2003-05-17 moodlerPost beta 1 stage
2003-05-15 moodlerOK, this is pretty much time to call it 1.0.9 Beta...
2003-05-12 moodlerIf you can see this - please try the new admin registra...
2003-05-09 moodlerNew feature to manage installed code modules!
2003-05-09 moodlerAdded new 'visible' field for module management.
2003-05-07 moodlerSeemed like a good idea.
2003-05-04 paca70Lang column was missing from postgresql-files (?)
2003-05-04 moodlerNew feature: hide/show topics!
2003-04-28 moodlerNew feature replacing the old zoom function.
2003-04-27 moodleriNew configuration variable delete old logs - loglifetime
2003-04-27 moodlerUsing multiple indexes for slightly increased performance
2003-04-26 moodlerUpdate to add new indexes to MySQL tables. Speeds...
2003-04-25 moodlerMySQL code (etc) to convert all usernames to lowercase...
2003-04-23 moodlerRebuild course modinfo caches to include the visible...
2003-04-21 moodlertrying to fix up old file permissions
2003-04-21 moodlerUpdated (to make the new release notes show up for...
2003-04-16 moodlerUpdating version because the quiz work is finished...
2003-04-14 moodlerHide/show individual activities in any section
2003-04-12 moodlerUpdate to stop it falling too far behind
2003-03-26 moodlerAdded two new indexes on log table to help speed it up.
2003-03-12 moodlerModified Greg's work to:
2003-03-11 moodlerWhoops, paca70! You accidentally jumped a month forward...
2003-02-25 moodlerFixed bug in table creation - (it was creating a null...
2003-02-24 paca70Added support for nonadmin course creation.
2003-02-16 moodlerUpdate version
2003-01-20 moodlerUpdate the version
2003-01-16 moodlerUpdating the date
2003-01-13 moodlerDevelopment phase .. hold on to your hats! :-)
2003-01-12 moodlerUpdated version and release notes
2003-01-10 moodlerUpdated version number
2003-01-06 moodlerUpdating version to get ready for tonight v1.0.8
2003-01-05 moodlerUpdate versions
2003-01-05 moodlerUpdate the version
2003-01-03 moodlerUpgrade version for Beta Test version
2003-01-02 moodlerLooking like a beta
2003-01-01 moodlerBetter log_display fixes
2003-01-01 moodlerUpdates for log_display stuff
2002-12-30 moodlerNew "debug" variable to turn debugging on and off
2002-12-29 moodlerVarious little fixes to remove warnings (usually about...
2002-12-23 moodlerMore fixes for postgreSQL etc
2002-12-23 moodlerChanges throughout Moodle to remove any reserved words...
2002-12-11 moodlerUpdating the version for the development phase
2002-12-10 moodlerRelease of 1.0.7 v1.0.7
2002-12-09 moodlerIncrement
2002-12-09 moodlerUpdated version
2002-12-07 moodlerGoing back to simpler version numbers!
2002-11-28 moodlerUpdate version
2002-11-24 moodlerUpdated versionm, ready for
2002-11-22 moodlerUpdate for kicks
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdated version
2002-11-21 moodlerUpdated version (authentication tweaks)
2002-11-20 moodlerUpdate version slightly
2002-11-19 moodlerNew version before release
2002-11-17 moodlerUpdated version for those using CVS etc
2002-11-14 moodlerRe-rolling
2002-11-14 moodlerGetting ready for release today
2002-11-12 moodlerUpdated version number
2002-11-12 moodlerNew course option to enable/disable display of "recent...
2002-11-11 moodlerUpdated version for final release of
2002-11-10 moodlerNew info, ready for release
2002-11-10 moodlerBring back button to home page, update versions etc
2002-11-10 moodlerChanges to enable jumping between activity modules...
2002-11-09 moodlerNew version date
2002-11-07 moodlerUpdate for course format changes etc
2002-11-06 moodlerNew version and release notes for
2002-11-05 moodlerAdded SMTP authentication for email delivery
2002-10-30 moodlerUpdated version a little
2002-10-26 moodlerUpdated version numbers in preparation for 1.0.6 release
2002-10-25 moodlerUpgrading all news and social forums (except those...
2002-10-22 moodlerUpdated information for 1.0.6 Beta 1
2002-10-20 moodlerUpdated versions
2002-10-17 moodler***NOTE NOTE NOTE ********************************...
2002-10-17 moodlerThe grades page now supports downloading of grade data...
2002-10-15 moodlerJust updated the number
2002-10-10 moodlerUpdated the version (database table addition user-...
2002-10-05 moodlerMoved upgrade_moodle functions out to database-specific...
2002-10-02 moodlerNew version number for development
2002-09-27 martinUpdated version for 1.0.5 release v1.0.5
2002-09-27 martinUpdated version and release
2002-09-26 martinUpdated version and release
2002-09-26 martinUpdate the version
2002-09-25 martinupdated version numbers for beta 1 release
2002-09-22 martinUpdated version
2002-09-22 martinChanges to enable DELETION of user accounts. Accounts...