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2004-03-13 moodlerBumping it up
2004-03-11 moodlerBump
2004-03-10 moodlerNew dependency
2004-03-07 moodlerErr, this is better
2004-03-07 moodlerUpdate Czech users and courses to use new language...
2004-03-07 moodlerBump
2004-02-24 moodlerI'll be packaging this up in the next few hours
2004-02-24 moodlerBump
2004-02-22 moodlerA proper GUI for filters :-)
2004-02-20 moodlerBumping it up a notch
2004-02-20 moodlerNew user field called "emailstop" ... to stop emails.
2004-02-17 moodlerUpgrade filter references
2004-02-15 moodlerNew field in the groups table to "hidepicture" from...
2004-02-14 moodlerHappy Valentine's day everyone! I had a good one,...
2004-02-12 moodlerAdded new table cache_filters for all filters to use...
2004-02-10 moodlerSome configuration options now added to the Configurati...
2004-02-09 moodlertext_cache --> cache_text much better
2004-02-09 moodlerTEXT CACHING
2004-02-09 moodlerSmall hack to force a particular language within a...
2004-02-03 moodlerBump
2004-01-31 moodlerOK, some big improvements to the logs.
2004-01-31 moodlerBump
2004-01-30 gustav_deliusbetter logging of forum mail errors, see
2004-01-29 moodlerChange type of config->value to text (to allow longer...
2004-01-28 moodlerAdded new table called "user preferences" which can...
2004-01-27 moodlerBumpy bump - time moving too fast
2004-01-11 moodlerAdded groupmode setting to course_modules
2004-01-08 moodlerBumping the version
2003-12-30 moodlerThis is the first check-in of support for groups.
2003-12-15 moodlerBump. It's unbelievable how fast time is going. The...
2003-12-08 moodlerBumping it
2003-11-30 moodlerBump
2003-11-14 moodlerTo cover the recent security fix.
2003-11-11 moodlerAdded some bug-fixing code from Eloy Lafuente that...
2003-11-04 moodlerBump it up
2003-10-31 moodlerNew feature: Allow students to see their own activity...
2003-10-29 moodlerChanges to integrate the new HTML editor into Moodle...
2003-10-27 moodlerAdded a new column to user_students and user_teachers...
2003-10-22 moodlerBump
2003-10-17 moodlerBump
2003-10-12 moodlerBump to cover Richtext picture insertion
2003-10-09 moodlerBump de bump
2003-10-06 moodlerThese changes implement some better controls for contro...
2003-09-18 moodlerBump
2003-09-16 moodlerBump!
2003-09-14 moodlerNew field on course_modules called "indent" ... this...
2003-09-13 moodlerTime to move on!
2003-09-11 moodler1.1.1 - now with less short_tags! v1.1.1
2003-09-10 moodlerThis is pretty much it - I'm starting packaging soon.
2003-09-09 moodlerAbout time for a bump!
2003-09-03 moodlerBump - will release 1.1.1 soon to wrap up some of these...
2003-09-01 moodlerBump
2003-08-30 moodlerTime to start moving on to 1.2, or possibly 1.1.1
2003-08-28 moodlerNot quite ready, but anyone trying the Beta at this... v1.1.0
2003-08-28 moodlerBump - release in 12 hours
2003-08-27 moodlerAdded a log display for "course use reports"
2003-08-27 moodlerBump de bump.... wooo do the bump!
2003-08-26 moodlerBump - looks pretty good now
2003-08-23 moodlerBump!
2003-08-21 moodlerBump!
2003-08-21 moodlerNew number to trigger database upgrade
2003-08-21 moodlerFOr the regular upgraders
2003-08-20 moodlerA new course field called "showgrades" which allows...
2003-08-19 moodlerPretty much Beta, I'd say
2003-08-19 moodlerThe number of courses in the categories is now cached...
2003-08-18 moodlerGetting much better now.
2003-08-17 moodlerBump the number for debuggers.
2003-08-16 moodlerOK, this is a new scheme to allow some teachers to...
2003-08-15 moodlerDo a check to create the default scale if it isn't...
2003-08-15 moodlerNew scale table for PostgreSQL
2003-08-15 moodlerWHoops - you'll need this table. :-)
2003-08-15 moodlerA few more files...
2003-08-13 moodlerBump
2003-08-10 moodlerGet rid of the enumerated type on the course formats...
2003-08-09 moodlerJust to remind myself how fast time is passing
2003-08-07 moodlerAnother big checkin.
2003-07-30 moodlerBit more current now
2003-07-30 moodlerCOURSE DISPLAY REVAMP
2003-07-28 moodlerImproved indexing for improved performance on the cours...
2003-07-21 moodlerIncrease the size of the field to store sequences in...
2003-07-21 moodlerNew course parameter "visible" which makes the course...
2003-07-19 moodlerI'm about to start on some big jobs ...
2003-07-04 moodlerJust because it's about time to update it, and there...
2003-06-20 moodlerAbout time to update it anyway
2003-05-30 moodlerLet's move on, shall we? :-)
2003-05-29 moodlerI'm going to start packaging the release this evening... v1.0.9
2003-05-28 moodlerJust about there ...
2003-05-27 moodlerGetting close now
2003-05-23 moodlerNew field for user: autosubscribe
2003-05-20 moodlerJust incrementing
2003-05-19 moodlermissing closing php tag
2003-05-17 moodlerPost beta 1 stage
2003-05-15 moodlerOK, this is pretty much time to call it 1.0.9 Beta...
2003-05-12 moodlerIf you can see this - please try the new admin registra...
2003-05-09 moodlerNew feature to manage installed code modules!
2003-05-09 moodlerAdded new 'visible' field for module management.
2003-05-07 moodlerSeemed like a good idea.
2003-05-04 paca70Lang column was missing from postgresql-files (?)
2003-05-04 moodlerNew feature: hide/show topics!