Closed hole when using userid information from form data (merged from STABLE)
[moodle.git] / version.php
2004-09-20 paca70Just to be sure that value columns type is text.
2004-09-20 moodlerMerged/cleaned changes from MOODLE_15_LDAP to HEAD ...
2004-09-17 moodlerUpgraded to cover things like new upload files class
2004-09-11 moodlerBumping it just for kicks
2004-09-06 moodlerSome changes to moodlelib functions
2004-09-04 moodlerAll upgrades now print a warning, allowing people to...
2004-09-03 paca70New field "guid" added to table user.
2004-08-30 moodlerTo help make it clearer
2004-08-30 moodlerBump to cater for SITEID
2004-08-29 moodlerBump!
2004-08-26 paca70Fixed bug 1801
2004-08-24 moodlerTrunk is now Moodle 1.5 development
2004-08-23 moodlerOK, let's go beta
2004-08-23 moodlerBumping it up a bit ... still writing release notes ...
2004-08-22 gustav_deliusAll modules are now suitable for the site page. They...
2004-08-21 moodlerBump!
2004-08-19 moodlerBump
2004-08-15 moodlerAdded a new "auth" field to the user table. This field...
2004-08-12 moodlerFixed some version numbers on three blocks
2004-08-03 moodlerBump!
2004-07-29 moodlerFixed duplicate in log_display, and improved installation
2004-07-29 moodlerAdded a new course field called enrolperiod that allows...
2004-07-25 moodlerBump
2004-07-08 moodlerBump for address_in_subnet
2004-07-07 moodlerBump
2004-06-26 moodlerAdding a field "cost" to courses. :-)
2004-06-24 moodlerFor course idnumber
2004-06-24 moodlerAdded timestart and timeend field to user_teachers...
2004-06-04 moodlerMOdules are dependent on this version of course/mod.php
2004-06-04 moodlerBRANCH MERGE
2004-06-01 defacerEmail digest feature step 1: Database schema and upgrade
2004-05-30 gustav_deliusChanged participants list for site couse, see moodle...
2004-05-28 defacerMerging the changes from 1.4 dev branch (site index...
2004-05-25 moodlerOK, this is IT. v1.3.0
2004-05-24 moodlerJust about there
2004-05-20 moodlerBump bump de bump, yeah
2004-05-16 moodler1. Directory Resources now support sub directories
2004-05-15 moodlerBump
2004-05-13 moodlerJust to make things clearer
2004-05-10 moodlerOK, this is IT for Moodle 1.3 Beta
2004-05-10 moodlerTime to draw a line in the mud
2004-05-05 gustav_deliusEvents associated to hidden activities are now invisibl...
2004-05-02 stronk7First version of RSS System.
2004-05-02 moodlerIndicating dependency
2004-04-30 moodlerSorry, Eloy, my directions were wrong.
2004-04-29 defacerFix for bug #1280: the "showrecent" course setting...
2004-04-27 stronk7As changes to version are comming very often, I save...
2004-04-27 moodlerAdded a format field to the event table
2004-04-27 stronk7Now, in topics format, every course can decide about...
2004-04-27 moodlerChange all the lang fields to 10 characters ... to...
2004-04-26 moodlerUpdate all the modinfo fields to make the resource...
2004-04-18 stronk7First Official realease of the "Blocks System".
2004-04-05 moodlerJust for fun
2004-03-27 moodlerPhew, finally finished upgrading all my customers!...
2004-03-25 moodlerOK, this is IT. v1.2.1
2004-03-24 moodlerOK, this'll do for now. Nothing too serious remains...
2004-03-22 moodlerPreparing for micro-release in a day or two
2004-03-21 moodlerMoving right along
2004-03-20 moodlerOK, well, this is pretty much it. v1.2.0
2004-03-20 moodlerBump!
2004-03-13 moodlerBumping it up
2004-03-11 moodlerBump
2004-03-10 moodlerNew dependency
2004-03-07 moodlerErr, this is better
2004-03-07 moodlerUpdate Czech users and courses to use new language...
2004-03-07 moodlerBump
2004-02-24 moodlerI'll be packaging this up in the next few hours
2004-02-24 moodlerBump
2004-02-22 moodlerA proper GUI for filters :-)
2004-02-20 moodlerBumping it up a notch
2004-02-20 moodlerNew user field called "emailstop" ... to stop emails.
2004-02-17 moodlerUpgrade filter references
2004-02-15 moodlerNew field in the groups table to "hidepicture" from...
2004-02-14 moodlerHappy Valentine's day everyone! I had a good one,...
2004-02-12 moodlerAdded new table cache_filters for all filters to use...
2004-02-10 moodlerSome configuration options now added to the Configurati...
2004-02-09 moodlertext_cache --> cache_text much better
2004-02-09 moodlerTEXT CACHING
2004-02-09 moodlerSmall hack to force a particular language within a...
2004-02-03 moodlerBump
2004-01-31 moodlerOK, some big improvements to the logs.
2004-01-31 moodlerBump
2004-01-30 gustav_deliusbetter logging of forum mail errors, see
2004-01-29 moodlerChange type of config->value to text (to allow longer...
2004-01-28 moodlerAdded new table called "user preferences" which can...
2004-01-27 moodlerBumpy bump - time moving too fast
2004-01-11 moodlerAdded groupmode setting to course_modules
2004-01-08 moodlerBumping the version
2003-12-30 moodlerThis is the first check-in of support for groups.
2003-12-15 moodlerBump. It's unbelievable how fast time is going. The...
2003-12-08 moodlerBumping it
2003-11-30 moodlerBump
2003-11-14 moodlerTo cover the recent security fix.
2003-11-11 moodlerAdded some bug-fixing code from Eloy Lafuente that...
2003-11-04 moodlerBump it up
2003-10-31 moodlerNew feature: Allow students to see their own activity...
2003-10-29 moodlerChanges to integrate the new HTML editor into Moodle...
2003-10-27 moodlerAdded a new column to user_students and user_teachers...
2003-10-22 moodlerBump